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nah kwaen chan ah - naengmyun
nah kwaen chan ah
Today actually has been not so bad. I've felt worse physically than mentally, which is of course because of my crapass work schedule. Whereas the past few days, it's been pretty equal. I'm still tired all the time, and my biological clock is now officially completely backward. Slept from about 10:30 this morning to 4:30 this afternoon, tried to eat dinner before I left for the P-I but wasn't hungry. I've been eating "dinner" around midnight...well actually, I tried to for the first time last night and felt much better at work. Was actually chatty and more awake than usual, although it probably also had something to do with the guy I was sitting by, Jeffrey. Really nice guy, really cool, really easy to talk to. I like him and hope he and I will be able to hang out even after our MSNBC stint is over. I feel that way about all of the friends I've made there; all very cool people. Although Michael, funny as he is, tends to give me a headache with all his incessant talking so early in the morning.

Looking forward to the weekend and having Saturday off, even though I have to be at MSNBC at 1 on Sunday morning. It'll be nice being off from MSNBC on Monday and Tuesday. I never thought I'd be so excited about Mondays and Tuesdays. Too bad I have to work at the P-I both of those days.

Despite all of my complaining about how tired I am and how cracked out my schedule is, I'm going to miss the MSNBC job when it's over. I wonder if I'd be able to get on with them fulltime. I was talking to my boss George earlier today, and when I mentioned being interested in working there fulltime he said it would be great. I don't know if that'll actually translate into it happening, but we'll see. I think I've just been at the P-I for too long. That, plus I'm tired of all the red tape there, and the few upper-level assholes who think they're above it all.

Am hoping to catch a movie on Saturday but I don't know if I'll be up for it. I want to see "Collateral" or "Open Water," though there are a bunch more I also want to catch before they leave the theaters. Still need to see the complete "I, Robot." =p

Shit, it's 9. Gotta get back to work.

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Current Music: s.e.s' "in the name of love" running through my head

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