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Oops, I just saw that I put my emotion under "music" instead of "mood" for the previous entry. Oh well, me too lazy to fix it. Stomach settled down enough for me to eat bibimbap with Lena at lunch; am now munching Mini Eggs (evil!!) while I wait for stuff to come over the wire at work.


First screen name: hayls1 (old old aol s/n)
First self-purchased tape: i *think* one of the paula abdul tapes -- the dance mix one.
First funeral: can't say for certain, but possibly my best friend katie when i was 14. that's the first one i have vivid memories of, anyway.
First piercing/tattoos: ears
First credit card: capital one (wtf kind of question is this??)
First true love: ummm yeah. next...
First enemy: don't have one, but if i had to pick, my ex-friend gena.
First big trip: from korea to the u.s. when i was little =P
First concert: first *big* concert? my friend's dad took us to see the beach boys when we were like, 10 years old.
First musician you remember hearing in your house: the beatles
First relationship: michael h. in 5th grade. geez, i haven't even *heard* about him in years.

Last big car ride: road trip to b.c. a few years ago
Last library book checked out: can't remember
Last movie seen: saw the end of "thelma & louise" on amc the other night. (ginny, we should SO watch this together next time you're back)
Last beverage drank: sipping a coke right now to stay awake
Last food consumed: mini eggs (gosh, i'm eating like shit today...except for the bibimbap)
Last phone call: borany
Last cd played: kpop mix in the car
Last annoyance: asshole driver on the way to work who didn't signal to turn left and suddenly braked so i almost hit him
Last soda drank: HELLO, i just said i was drinking a coke...yeesh.
Last ice cream eaten: ummmmmm...ben & jerry's with michael a couple weeks ago? mmmm...ice cream.
Last time scolded: not a clue.
Last shirt worn: like the one i'm wearing now? =P which is a blue t-shirt with a hoodie over it
Last website visited: mkf, i think
Last relationship: next question...

I AM: tired and sad and empty
I HAVE: really dark circles under my eyes right now (ewwwwww)
I HATE: this feeling in the pit of my stomach
I FEAR: loving and being hurt
I HEAR: everyone's voice inside but my own
I SEARCH: for an inner peace i lost and haven't since refound
I WONDER: why i've become so dependent lately when i used to not be
I REGRET: missed chances
I LOVE: those who love me
I ACHE: everywhere
I ALWAYS: spend too much time on aim (damn you people)
I AM NOT: untrue to my heart
I DANCE: less often than i should
I SING: even when i don't realize it
I CRY: unexpectedly at the most random times
I AM NOT ALWAYS: good at hiding how i feel
I WRITE: not much now that i'm not reporting anymore
I WIN: woohoo?
I LOSE: my damn keys too often
I CONFUSE: everyone, including myself
I NEED: to be closer to my friends
I SHOULD: get back to work -_-
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Current Mood: sad sad

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I know someday you'll have a beautiful life
I know someday you'll be a star
in somebody else's sky
But why can't it be mine?

Current Mood: blank blank
Current Music: pearl jam, "black"

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Gotta love NYC...quotes


"This water tastes like ass."
(Me, talking about bottled lemon water I bought at Duane Reade, a drugstore)

"These zinc lozenges taste like ass."
(Me, talking about some ill-tasting vitamins I bought for my cold)

Heather: You say everything tastes like ass.
Me: I do not! Just the water...and the zinc lozenges.

"Sad is bad."
(Me, sharing my deep thoughts on depression with Grace)

"Happy good."
(Me, ditto)

"Thinking bad."
(Grace's and my life motto)

"Love bad."

"Songs bad."

"Love songs bad."
(sure, why not combine the two? ^^)

"I'm missing holes in my head!"
(Grace, trying to say Lord knows what)

"If we get our lobotomies it's not as bad, because we'd only be missing a lobe."
(Grace, talking crazy late at night)

"Can we have normal water instead?"
(Me, to the waiter at a French bistro, after asking for flat water and getting bubbly instead)

Me: Uhhh...shouldn't we throw those out?
Grace: It's OK. It's still good!
(talking about three-day old panini sandwich leftovers that were in bags on our hotel room floor)

Me, trying to reach Brianna on my cell: I'm going to try Bri one more time.
Googoo: OK, what part of "disconnected" don't you understand?

"Ginny, it's Hayley. Sorry I didn't answer my phone earlier. It's 11:30 right now, and I'm just calling to let you know that I got your message, but Grace and I are still sleeping. We'll call you once we're up. Talk to you then."

"Ginny, it's Hayley. It's about 2 and Grace and I are still in bed, and I think we're getting up soon, but I don't know for sure when. So I'll call once we're ready to go, and then maybe we can meet you, Terri and Goo somewhere. Talk to you later."

"Hey Ginny, it's Hayley. It's 4:30, and Grace and I just now got out of bed. We still have to take showers and everything, so do you want to just meet for dinner?..."

"From now on I'm going to call 'Ben's' 'Neb's.'"
(Grace, trying to help me forget my ex-b/f Ben by renaming a deli we ate at)

Goo, coming to find me already seated at "Rent": What are you doing, fool? You're in the wrong row! We're supposed to be up there.
Me: Nuh uh, we're row B, and this is row...oh.

Me, looking at an ad for a Korean restaurant in the "Rent" playbill: Hmm...I wonder what the "D" means.
Goo: Dog food. Oh, my gosh, I totally did not mean it like that! I'm so sorry!

Me: Hi, it's Sarah. No wait, it's not. Hi Sarah, it's Hayley.
(trying to make a phone call after waaay too little sleep)

"Oh HELL no..."
(Me at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, after realizing Heather, Grace and I almost left without seeing Michelle's wax figure)

"Look, Wayne is checking out Michelle's ass!"
(Me at Tussaud's, pointing out the way the Wayne Gretzky figure was positioned behind the MK figure)

Grace: Probably.
Me: Did you say "Paboyah?"
Grace: No, I said "Probably."
Me: Oh. I knew that.

Grace's shopping list for Heather and me at Duane Reade:
-snacks that we think look good and go with water
-something gummi (no bears)
-something good in a movie theater so we don't have to use their stuff

Me, at DR, holding up a bag of chips: Does this count as...hang on...(looks at Grace's list)..."something good in a movie theater so we don't have to use their stuff"?
Heather: Yeah, that should be fine.
Me: Ooooh, and it goes with water too. Sweet.

"I don't remember anything about a bridge."
(Me, to Grace on the W train, after our attempt to travel from Times Square to SOHO in Manhattan results in a trip to Brooklyn)


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For some reason I actually feel physically better today than yesterday. Go figure. My sore throat is mostly gone but I'm still having chills. *sigh* Four more hours and I get to go home and sleep.

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Man, I am coming down with one HELL of some kind of illness. Can't tell exactly which one yet, but I know it's either a bad cold or the flu. My throat hurts so much I can barely swallow, my head feels hot and I keep getting chills. And I have to work tomorrow cuz I have a meeting at UW, and then tomorrow night is a huge preps sports night and I'm the preps sports coordinator. Damn me. :( I'm heating up some oksoosoocha (Korean corn tea) and then going to bed.

It's amazing how much your mental state depends upon your physical state. I was actually doing not too bad these past couple days, but now I feel sad and depressed and lonely again. Blech, I can't stop shivering.

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Here's how loopy I am right now...part of an actual convo I just had with Grace:

[Grace]: You should be glad that you didn't see me just now.
[Hayley]: I should be glad that...whatever you just said?
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boys are stupid
they are as stupid as money

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Here ya go, Sarah =)


OK, I just realized Shoo's voice does not match her physical appearance at ALL...

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ok, i *SWEAR* shoo is really saying "i wanna ride up in your open golf..." o.O even though the cd booklet claims she's not. =P but she really is, i tell ya! why don't you people believe me? :'(

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Current Music: s.e.s, "twilight zone"

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